Bahria Town has recently sponsored the construction of Altaf Hussain University in Hyderabad, and now another great project under its way as the real estate giant is planning to provide  with Rapid Transit system in Karachi. Bus Rapid Transit System for Bahria Town Karachi will make transportation a breeze for Bahria Town residents in Karachi. Indeed, a great blessing for the people of Karachi.

However, this development is also a question mark on Sindh government performance, as a private developer is providing with the service of transit system which is the responsibility of the government of Sindh. The residents of Karachi will definitely reap the benefit once the project reaches completion . According to sources,  people believe that this is indeed a good move of the Bahria developers that it has chalked a good project of Bus transit system for the people of Karachi; because the local transport system of Karachi is poor and people suffer while traveling through the local transport system.

At the time of talking with the reporters in the Bahria town in Karachi regarding the icon tower in Karachi, former Begota, Columbia Mayor and urban transport system expert Mr Enrique Penelosa said that Bus Transit system was only the solution, which we were expecting to lessen the traffic burden. And He said, Bahria Town management has asked for the expertise of him to accomplish the Bahria Bus transit system in Karachi, and he said, I will try my best to give the people of Karachi a soothing experience in transportation system.

The routes of BRT will pass through MA Jinnah road, and will reduce the time required to travel to the central Karachi by half. In the next 60 to 70 years, there will be substantial increase in the population of the Karachi and this is the time to make the traffic plan for the next twenty to thirty years, so that in the next years, we could see some good and solid strategies in the traffic of Karachi.

The start of the BRT in Karachi has increased the standing of Bahria town in Karachi and might also bolster the confidence in Bahria Town’s projects.Here, again, it is important to mention that, the projects, which are being undertaking by the private developers are the responsibility of the government because government collects the taxes to provide people with the basic necessities of life, and if the government is unable to provide us with the basic facilities, then government should also give the contract of tax collection to the private investors.