After a long time of recession, property rates have increased, with the stability in the economic conditions. People are investing heavily in the properties. Big names in the real estates after proving in the big cities are not shifting to the small cities. If we look at the big name of the real estate tycoons, then we bring it in our minds about the Bahria Town, DHA, Fazaia Housing society, Askari, Eden Housing Societies, and small are countless, but people are preferring only these housing societies to live and as a better choice.

As these housing societies involve a great competition, with this sense of competition, every housing society is offering the competitive services benefits to attract the people. These housing societies are mainly attracting the overseas Pakistanis who have enough savings to buy a lucrative house in one of these societies.

These real estate companies continue to spread with the increasing demand of the real estate. Almost every year, DHA announces its new phase. Similarly, Bahria town has also made heavy investments in the Karachi, and this project is being considered as one of the mega projects of the Karachi.

What people look for in the New Housing Societies?

Now the major concern of the people is the continuous availability of the Electricity in the housing societies, which is the demand of everyone who is looking to buy a new house. People are ready to pay the extra amount on the electricity but they can not afford to live without electricity, in this way, if you are the one, who is looking to buy the house in the housing societies, then prefer only the housing society which has the availability of the electricity and the uninterruptible power supply.

Physical Existence of the Housing societies:

Housing societies are the name of land reforms, not only the form or files; always ensure that the plot, you are going to buy, should have physical existence, and you should also make choice of those physical existence of the plots.

Registration of the Housing Society from the Local Government Body:

It is important that you should choice the housing society that is registered under the local government authority; otherwise, there remains a question mark on the legality of the housing society. You can also check the registered housing societies on the prescribed websites of the governments. For example, in Islamabad, we will visit the website of capital development authority, and in Lahore, we will see the website of LDA to authenticate the housing societies. By this mean, you can secure your investment with the promise of the increased value and double rate of return.

Housing Society needs to be One Gated Community:

A secret of success of housing in this era is the one gate of entry and exit, as this lock the security features of any modern housing society. People need security, safety of living, and living without fear. In many open residential colonies, there happen many incidents of theft and snatching, that is the reason, and people feel fear in night for walking, hustle and bustle. One gated community has many benefits, you are free to walk anywhere to any corner of the housing society without any fear. Never forget to consider this feature if you are opting to buy the house in the one gated community.

Centralized Security System of the Housing Societies:

Many housing societies have not a proper security system, which cause the problems in watching the movements of the public of the housing societies. People like bahria town, DHA, and Askari housing societies just because of the reason that, there is a proper security system in these housing societies and there is the proper monitoring on the movement of the people. Here the chances become zero of any unwanted circumstances.

Beware of the Frauds of the Fake Housing Societies:

It has been happened many times that, many real estate developers launched the fake housing societies and they sink the investment of the investors, and people had to see the loss of their investments. There is a sense of security in the large housing societies because these are backed by the strong board of directors and foreign investors. So, what you need is to invest in the project which is initiated on the early stages. The prices of the projects which are started at the initial level have the low prices, and once the project is initiated, the value of the housing society will rise with the completion of the project.

Availability of the all basic necessities of life:

Those time gone, when there was one popular spot of the city, and, now people hate centralization, people prefer to have a market near to their society, where they can easily buy the basic necessity of their life. For this, ensure that, housing societies have the proper shopping blocks available where people can buy and have an entertaining time.

Buying a house around the green parks can be a fruitful:

Green fields and parks are places to relax, walk, and exercise, when you find all this in front of your house, then you would be ready to pay any cost for this. Parks increases the beauty of the houses to live. A live able housing society also manages the gyms, community centers, where you can spend a good time to enjoy.

Choice the location which is away from the heavy voltage grids and wires, and during the rainy season, it happens the incidents of earth leakage. This is the reason; we should avoid buying the property at such places.

Computerized Registration of the Land Record:

Always ensure that, you should have the computerized registration of the land record, so you may get the confirmation and authentication of the housing society. This feature is really very good for the overseas Pakistanis.

What to think for the new and used houses:

There is a difference in buying the new and used houses, different points need to be considered for buying the used house and new house.

If you are buying the new house:

  • Ensure that it has been designed by the reliable and dedicated builder.
  • Always check the material formulation, so that you may come to know that how much and what sort of material has been used.
  • Always make sure that Map is registered by the approved housing society, and never try to build the extra and beyond the map, otherwise housing authority will shred your entire extra built item. So, what you need is to ensure you get the best.
  • Selection of tiles and floor tiles matter a lot in beauty of your house, so if you are building a new house then make a contrast of using different colors. Nowadays mosaic styles tiles are in common and these are giving the best expression to your houses.

When you are opting the old house then you have to obviously consider the different things as well.

Buying a new house nowadays is not an easy thing; it’s a matter of great attention and seriousness. You have to spend a good research in searching the new housing societies.

Housing societies in Pakistan have become popular nowadays, but these societies have very high prices, but these societies offer the high level standard of living.And the living in this society gives a gate way to live to the people of this housing society.

What are the prime locations to live?

Obviously there are the prime locations in the different provinces in the different cities, which include Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, and Faisalabad. These different locations offer the high standard of the services and high level of the services.

Role of Agents in buying the property:

Agents have been playing a very important role in selling and buying the property, Agents reach the thousands of people on daily basis immediately; they have the complete list of the properties, which give you an overview of the properties very fast and rapidly. This is always one of the best things to be considered. Agents can pave a pay for the reliable properties. Here, we need to consider the one thing that we should not depend on the one agent only, but we need to contact with the different number of dealers to have the wide range of properties available, and multiple options.

Websites Survey is always Fruitful in searching the new house:

There are number of websites, where you can find the property of your choice and there are number of properties in a wide range, which will help you to find the property of your choice. These websites are the best ways of determining the best info about the houses, and you can find the best articles on the websites with the best tips about the property. These websites also offer the online agents services, through which you can communicate with the buyers and sellers through agents, and you can get the best.Newspapers can also serve the best in finding the properties.