The information we collect mostly include your name, e-mail id, address and other information that are needed to meet certain requirements. However, we let customers to choose if they do not want us to contact them in future or use their provided information as we always respect our customers’ decisions and do not contact them again.

The information you volunteer to us, we deal the information with great confidentiality and describe the purpose of where and when the information needs to be provided. We do not share, rent or sell your information or contact details to any third party. However, if you have not otherwise specified, we reserve the right to contact you or anyone who has submitted that information. As mentioned earlier, we go to an extra mile to revere our customers’ privacy and at any time if you choose not to receive our marketing emails, we take necessary steps to remove your email from our list.  We make all the essential efforts to respond you as early as possible to gratify your requests.

We treat specific information as a trade secret and promise not to disclose the secret to others without proper authorization.